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Portion size: the key to understanding the “French paradox”

If we were standing in front of a free buffet filled with pretzels, potato chips, bread or candy, how could we tell that we had eaten enough? The indicator that most people tend to use is if their stomach is full, a physiological warning that normally arrives too late and can lead to discomfort and even indigestion. This is something which is not only exclusive to processed foods.

How to use the reward system which guides the brain to achieve a balanced diet

Pleasant stimuli help guide learning, as the brain naturally wants to repeat those actions which generate enjoyable stimuli and lead to the release of dopamine into the bloodstream. This is how it is possible to use this reward system to steer our behavior in order to maintain a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

The benefits of “sports drinks” after exercising

The intake of fluids is a determining factor in ensuring that organisms work properly given that they help optimize cellular processes and improve the performance of practically every vital system. That is why drinking fluids must be made a priority, especially when exercising and playing sports, as they provide minerals and other substances which help improve overall performance.

La importancia de la actividad física en niños y adolescentes

Practicar ejercicio es una de las acciones que más benefician a la salud de una persona a lo largo de su existencia. No sólo ayuda a que el organismo tenga un mejor y correcto funcionamiento, sino que también es lo que permite lograr un estado mental saludable.

Physical activity as a tool to promote wellness in Latin America

In 2005, researchers from St. Louis University and Washington University in St. Louis began work on Project GUIA: Guide for Useful Interventions for physical Activity in Latin America, a program whose goal is to “establish and promote working relationships with researchers, professionals and institutions in Brazil in order to improve their ability to plan and implement interventions based on evidence which promotes physical activity”....

Recognizing physical activity as a fundamental right of older adults in order to consolidate a welfare state in Latin America

Physical activity should be a constant priority throughout life. Without having to look too far, and despite the fact that many people are unaware of this situation, older adults must continue to exercise in spite of the physical inconveniences associated with old age.

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