Symposium 2012, Energy Balance

Dr. Fernando Lavalle González

Current situation in LATAM; epidemiological and nutrition transition; lifestyle changes
“Physical activity is related to energy intake and energy burn. Only in Mexico, 70% of teenagers and adults are sedentary.”

Dr. John Duperly

How the Exercise is Medicine and other programs have helped overcome challenges in physical activity promotion.
"The only fat burner that restores the balance of cells, improve glucose transportation –regardless of the level of insulin, which is vital for a diabetic person-, is excersise."

Dr. Mauro E Valencia Juillerat

Energy expenditure and its evaluation
“Energy balance can be measured by oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide spending.”

Dr. Victor Keihan Rodrigues Matsudo

Successful programs with physical activity
“Physical activity, diet and mental health may solve at least 60% of all the diseases that are taken care of by public health systems.”