Symposium 2011, Non Caloric Sweeteners

Dr. Adam Drewnowski

Humans and sweetness: why do we like sweet things?
“In conclusion to this point, people who consume dietary foods have better habits. Scientific studies show that sweeteners do not encourage alimentary over-compensation.”

Dr. Fernando Lavalle González

Introduction and Assessment of the Need for Non-Caloric Sweeteners in Active and Healthy Lifestyles
“Non-Caloric Sweeteners have a sweetening capacity 200 to 300 times more intense than sugar.”

Dr. Grant Dubois

Advances in Science of Non Caloric Sweeteners and Sweetness Enhance
“Technology takes us closer to reproducing the taste of sugar, which is what consumers look for in a low-calorie product.”

Dr. Héctor Balcázar

How do we change habits
“Obesity can be analyzed as a type of addiction. There is no pill for it. It would be better to think about working to apply a dynamic to link diverse social and cultural factors.”

Dr. Hugo Antonio Laviada

Influence of different nutrients on dietary intake and energy balance
“The increase of carbohydrates, if they are not rich in lipids, will not generate significant differences in terms of energy balance.”

Las recetas del Celebrity Chef

Deliciosos alimentos hechos con Edulcorantes No Calóricos por Stephen Giunta.